Snapple Fact #302

A packet of ketchup, opened with the contents ...

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Ketchup was once sold as a medicine.


Snapple Fact #301

Probable photograph of William Shakespeare, ci...

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William Shakespeare was born and died on the same day: April 23.

Is the ‘UFO Mothership Over London’ Real?

A new viral video making the rounds on the Internet purports to show what’s been dubbed a “mothership” and at least three separate smaller alien spacecraft filmed in the skies over London.

The most famous video (which was taken anonymously and is one of two or three versions in circulation) shows a large glowing white oval moving in and out from behind clouds over the course of about 20 seconds, and then zooming off, with three white dots also making an appearance

1 Sievert Water Leaking From Fukushima As Full Body Radiation Checks Begin Across Prefecture | zero hedge


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The story that the world forgot, and that everyone wishes could just be buried under a 10 foot lead plate, not only refuses to go away but is getting worse by the day. The latest news from Fukushima is that the highly radioactive water has started leaking from Reactor #2, into a trench which is located just 180 feet away from the sea, prompting more fears that the most radioactive water recorded to date would soon seep into the ocean. The Telegraph reports: “The water seeping into a trench outside the Number two reactor at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeast Japan had a radiation level of more than 1,000 millisieverts per hour.” To be expected, here’s captain “all is fine” aka TEPCO, to remind us that this is perfectly normal and 1 sievert water is no cause for concern: “we do not believe it is leaking into the ocean. We are now working out where the cause of the leak is and finding ways to remove the water as soon as possible.” Luckily, nobody believes the lies out of Japan anymore: “Speculation surrounding the extent to which the radiation may be leaking into the Pacific Ocean was also mounting after tests last weekend found nearby seawater contaminated 1,850 above legal limits.” Too bad they still believe the lies out of the US government. And while this recent development is happening, people in Fukushima have finally started getting full body radiation screens from the prefecture.. a move that is about 3 months overdue.

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New Milestone! 300 Snapple facts posted!


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Do you believe I have posted a new Snapple Fact every day for 300 days at 6 AM!

Snapple Fact #300

The Liberty Bell in 2008.

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Pennsylvania is misspelled on the Liberty Bell.

Snapple Fact #299

The Library of Congress main reading room, Jef...

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The Library of Congress has 600 miles of shelves.