Learning new things everyday!

Yesterday when we got home, our neighbor Bill had left a Water pressure reducer on our step with a note that we really should be using one of these. So tonight when I got home I put it in line, seems to really reduce the pressure. Probably a good idea! Bill came out later and I asked him what I owed him for the part, and he said, “No way! you don’t owe me a thing”! Couldn’t get him to tell me, so I said, well, you will have to let Joy and I take you and your wife out for dinner than! Bill said that would be great! And he said they really like Pizza. Well it just so happens that we found a Great Pizza joint just down the street from here, so we are gonna get Pizza and have a Pizza Party one of these nights.

Bill was telling us that him and his wife have been out looking at bigger Motor Homes the last few days. They have a very nice 5th wheel, that seems plenty big and nice to me! But I guess they have had it long enough and just thinking about getting a Diesel “Pusher”. I finally asked why they call them “Pushers”! Come to find out it is because the Diesel engine is in the back of the Motor home instead of the front! Huh! I didn’t know they did that! Learning something new every day!



Snapple Fact #88

Tom Mix, an early-20th century movie star, wea...

Tom Mix, an early-20th century movie star, wearing a ten gallon hat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A ten gallon hat holds less than one gallon of liquid.

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The good old days…

Snapple Fact #87

Nautical mile definition

Nautical mile definition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A mile on the ocean and a mile on land are not the same distance.

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Snapple Fact #86

tea bags made of polylactide (PLA), peppermint tea

tea bags made of polylactide (PLA), peppermint tea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Until the 19th century, solid blocks of tea were used as money in Siberia.

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Broke out the Banjo this afternoon

Well, I decided to find out just how nice these people in the RV Village are.

Right after high noon, I broke out one of my Banjo’s and started tuning it up. I haven’t played in months so I was sure I was going to really suck. I fumbled around a bit and got “Old Bessie” tuned and ready to go. Now being the good neighbor that I am, I put the mute my good friend Ron gave to me the other day so I wouldn’t be too loud. (Hmmm…maybe Ron was trying to tell me something?) Ron has been playing for years and is way above my skill level!

So…I started to play, and lo and behold the neighbor next door (Bill) came out. At first I started to duck, thinking he was going to start throwing things at me, but as it turns out he loves Bluegrass music! He went and got his wife Pam to come out. She hates Bluegrass by the way! lol! She didn’t stay long, said she had to go to the grocery store or something, got in their truck and peeled out! (Just kidding!)

The neighbor’s across the way loves Banjo music too! They were giving me thumbs up, and they said they recognised some of the tunes I was playing (I’m sure they were just being polite!) LOL!

Everyone was smiling and waving when they went by. (and not a one of them was a waving the middle finger!) Well, not that I saw anyways…

Week 1 In the Motor home observations:

Well, we have been living in the Motor home for 1 full week now!

A few observations we have made:

1. It is a real pain in the butt having a dog that you have to walk and pick up after. Anyone want a good dog? lol!

2. A few extra gallons of hot water would be nice, not necessary, but it would be nice. We may install a larger hot water tank. The six gallon tank that came in the Motor home is fine for 2 people if you would be “camping” for a weekend, but to live full-time in the RV a few extra gallons would be nice. I think I will look into something Solar powered…

3. The people in an RV park are great people! When we go for walks everyone say’s hello and how are you, and they truly expect an answer!

4. We still have a lot to learn, but so far Joy and I are truly enjoying this adventure!

More to come!