For Sale: 2003 Carri-Lite M-36XTRM5 Fifth Wheel – Florida

2003 Carri-Lite M-36XTRM5 Fifth Wheel – Pictures at the bottom of the post 🙂
This Fifth Wheel RV is 37′ long and 8.4′ wide, two axles, and has 5 Electric Sliding rooms. It is also equipped with Front Power Leveling Jacks, and Crank down rear Stabilizer Jacks.

You do not find many Fifth Wheels or any other RV that has 5 Slides!

This baby is King! You will need a Big Boy Truck if you plan on traveling with it.

It is located on a corner lot, in an Adult Community (not a +55) in Largo Florida and has 2 large storage sheds that go with it. This is a very well maintained unit with a wooden deck and white skirting. This is a great year round or snowbird community, of course you would have to be approved by the Park Management if you wanted to stay in the park, but they are great people.

Carri-Lite was manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship that can be plainly seen inside and out.

Stop tossing Money out the window for apartments or Hotel rooms to Vacation in Florida. This is the way to go.
Here is some Math if you can not buy it outright and need to Finance it with a Bank.
$5,000 Down, finance $25,000 for 10 years with a good credit score (roughly a 620-719 score)
Monthly payment roughly – $265.00 a month.
Lot rent to keep it in the this Beautiful Largo Florida Park – $385.00
My average 2013 Utilities per month – $66.71
Total Monthly – $716.71 per month and you own it (and you do not pay yearly property taxes!)
This is the best and most relaxing Life Style you can imagine, and it is very economical too!

NADA Price Guide
Suggested List Price $63,963.
Average Retail $30,000

It is currently being offered at $30,000 but reasonable offers would be accepted and Trades for a very nice Trike or other Toy would be considered.

My wife was Diagnosed with Cancer a few years back, so we decided to sell the house and live a simple and laid back lifestyle. She has since passed away so the RV is no longer what I need in life so it is for sale.
Please contact Stephanie @ 727-599-2062 for further information.

* Dual 40 lb LP tanks
* Fully enclosed insulated underbelly
* Large front pass-thru storage compartment
* Aluminum rims
* Very good tires
* 10 Gallon water heater
* Rear manual stabilizer jacks
* Rear roof access ladder
* MorRyde Suspension
* Wood floor in galley
* Dining table with 4 chairs
* Hide-a-bed sleeper sofa
* Day/night shades
* 2 recliner lounge chairs
* Bright interior with many windows
* Desk
* Large wall mounted TV
* U-shaped galley with LOTS of counter top area
* Water filter with dispenser
* Large 2 basin galley sinks
* Solid surface counter tops
* 3 Burner range top with oven
* Microwave
* 1 Door Standard Full size Refrigerator/Freezer.
* Pull-out pantry rack
* Large 72 gallon fresh water tank
* Fantastic fan in galley
* Ceiling fan
* VERY Spacious bedroom with 2 slides
* Foot flush toilet in private room
* Has room for a Stackable washer and dryer in closet
* Walk around queen bed
* Glass enclosed tub/shower with skylight
* LOTS of bedroom storage cabinets
* Fenced in back yard (you do need to mow your own lot with it being fenced in) Remove the fence and the Park mows it.
* This is of course being sold “”as is” and “where is”
* Title will not be signed off on until all money has been secured and verified good. Money order and check scams will not work so please do not try 🙂

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Here come the Snowbirds!

Well, November has rolled around and we have been full time RV living for almost a year. We are still loving the life style.

Over the last year we have met so many great people! A bunch that live here full time and a bunch that just come down for the winter months.

Well, November rolled around and all the snowbirds are rolling in! It is just so much fun seeing all the folks we met last year returning for the winter!

It’s a blast, we see them walking around and we say hey good to see ya back! And at first they look at us like “I know we know them but just can’t quite remember their names!” And then everyone remembers (or at least pretends real well!)

The RV park is filling up fast now, every day more arrivals! New neighbors all the time! AND they are the best neighbors we have ever had.

If your out RV’ing in Florida, come on over to Lee’s Travel Park! It is a great place to RV!

Lee's Travel Park

New Awning Installed

Today we had the complete awning replaced. Complete 20 foot awnings and new hardware kit are not cheap folks!

I wasn’t smart enough to use tie downs to secure the old awning so A big gust of wind made a wreck out of it.

So with the installation of the new awning, I decided to spend $40.00 to get a good tie down system.

I’m generally tighter than a frogs ass (and that’s water tight) but experience taught me that spending $40 now sure saves a lot in the long run! Buy Tie downs people! I had John from John’s RV Trailer Repair do the installation, and the Awning came from Harbersons RV. I could have easily done it myself but I just wanted to have it done by someone who does stuff like that everyday.

We sure are enjoying the Full time Motor Home living lifestyle. It will be 4 months the 20th of March and we have never looked back. I have found living in a Motor home is the most relaxing life style ever. Sometimes I think just a few more inches here and their would be nice, Joy said she knows exactly what I mean 🙂 hmmm… I wonder what she meant by that.

The only real mishap we have had is the Awning, and I knew I should have used Tie downs, but it was winter time in Florida and we usually do not have really high wind storms so I thought I had plenty of time to get them on.  Live and learn I guess.

I’m gonna go ask Joy about that few more inches thing. Well, maybe not 😛

Talent show at the Motor Home Park

Tonight at Lee’s Travel Park here in sunny Largo Florida, they had a talent show of all the Campers.

I thought I would share some of the pictures. It was a fun time for all involved. The guys dressed up as ladies and they selected the “Miss Lee’s” for 2011.

The evening started out with a group of ladies performing several Hawaiian hula’s dances, then on to the Miss Lee selection, and then of course the talent show. You never know what activities you will find at a Motor Home Park! lol! 🙂 I took the pictures with my cell phone…would have been better with a real camera, but oh well! The guy’s that dressed up as ladies for the “Miss Lee’s” award really seemed to be in their element. I’m thinking some of them may do this quite often? 😛 They were way to much into it! 😛 Click on each thumbnail to see a larger picture.

Nascar in the RV


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Today I signed up for Nascar’s Raceview to watch the Nascar race in the motor home. I watched a couple of the pre-season races with the free trial and it seemed to be pretty cool. I really like being able to switch views, listen in on the drivers radio’s and hearing what the officials have to say.

I’m trying really hard to not buy cable TV and do everything I can on the Internet, keeping with the mobile Motorhome lifestyle we have chosen. Watching Nascar is going to be a challenge 🙂

So far, between & we don’t miss having cable TV a bit. And judging from the 2 pre-season Race events using Raceview, I might actually enjoy the races even more! I will update my thoughts after today’s race. If worse comes to worse, I can always go to the clubhouse and watch it on TV, but I think it will do just fine.

So far here is our mobile setup… 4G Wireless Hotspot (I give it 5 stars) With 2 PC’s streaming different shows we can not slow it down. ($45.00/Month) The RV park has free wireless and it was plenty fast, but it stopped working quite often and we had to wait for one of the managers to reset it, that just didn’t fly. WE NEED INTERNET NOW! lol 🙂

For normal TV we use Hulu ( it has all the shows we used to watch on cable TV but it has the convenance of being able to watch them when we want too. (FREE)

For Movies, we use Netflix streaming ( (I give it 5 Stars) All the movies we can possibly stand. ($7.95/Month)

Joy and I both use the Rockmelt Social media web Browser. It really rocks! (I give it 5 stars) It keeps all the Facebook friends displaying on the left side and all the News feeds I love on the right side. If anything goes on it alerts me no matter where on the internet I am.

For Blogging I use (FREE) (I give it 5 stars) your reading it now. I ramble on about anything and everything. It auto posts everything I blog about to my Facebook page. (I do turn off this feature on occasion if I am blogging about something I don’t thing Facebook friends may not want to see)

The section on the blog for RV’ing is here




Getting ready to do a dry camping run soon

A Class A motorhome with slide-out extended floors

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Today we are practising running the RV totally on its own onboard systems.

We are practising because we are planning to do a dry camping weekend soon and we want to be prepared for it. I think we will do a weekend at a local Walmart for our first time out. Hey if it works out we may just stay at Walmart! 🙂 (Just kidding) But it will be nice to start using the Motor home to its fullest!

After full-time Motor home living for over 2 months now, we know we have everything  worked out for that. Now on to those weekend jaunts!

We know we can be very comfortable when the weather drops below freezing. It is really just like living in a house. Turn on the furnace and your warm!

So far everything seems to work the same as being hooked up to shore power

The Generator is running smooth and performing well!

We have both PC’s running and connected to our Clear 4G hotspot and everything is working great! Streaming video from Netflix or Hulu is just as fast.

Dinner at Tijuana Flats

Tonight we went to Tijuana Flats for the Taco Tuesday.

Man was it good

We went to the one across from Walmart on Rte 19 in Pinellas Park. Nice clean place and lot’s of interesting paintings on the walls. Good food too!

I need to remember to Blog about where we go to dinner. We are trying to find new places since we are full time Motor homing! Trying to keep Joy from cooking every night!