A Quick Survey of the Book of Jude;

St Jude

St Jude (Photo credit: dave_stone)

The letter of Jude is a thunderous word from a man who refers to himself in the first verse simply as, Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James. {Jude 1:1a RSV} That identifies him, for James was very well known as a leader in the early church in Jerusalem, and he was also the author of the Epistle of James which we have in our New Testament. But he was famous not only because he was in himself an outstanding man, but also because he was the brother of the Lord Jesus Christ—the physical half-brother of Jesus. He had grown up in the little town in Nazareth with Jesus himself.


Snapple Fact # 708

English: Slate Wall, The Hummers Impressive sl...

English: Slate Wall, The Hummers Impressive slate wall which runs by the road near the slate quarry, no shortage of raw materials here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snapple Fact # 708

Manufacturing recycled goods uses up to 95% less energy than using raw materials.

A Quick Survey of the Books of I, II, III John; (Combined)

Dürer, The Four Apostles, John and Peter

Dürer, The Four Apostles, John and Peter (Photo credit: profzucker)

I, II, III John; (Combined) – He says from the very beginning that he has a personal experience. “I saw him,” he says. “I felt him. I heard him. I touched him. He was a real person; there was nothing phony or sham about him. In the fellowship of his life, I found it possible to begin to love, to walk in truth, in obedient righteousness with God,” {1 Jn 1:1-2}. That is the heart and key to this letter, as he begins with this note of fellowship with Jesus Christ. You will notice that all through this letter he emphasizes the fact that Jesus appeared in history. That is the first theme he talks about under the heading of truth. The truth about Jesus is that he is God and man.

The second letter of John is the only letter in the New Testament that was written to a woman. As we can gather from the letter itself, it was written to a mother with several children, perhaps a widow. It appears that she had written to the Apostle John to ask his opinion about certain problems that had come up.

The third letter of John was written to a Christian man about how to take care of the true teachers who were traveling about ministering the word of God. There is thus both a contrast and a similarity in these last two letters from the pen of John.

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via Hey, Shoppers: Black Friday Savings Are a Hoax – Businessweek.

Snapple Fact # 707

Old Ray-O-Vac Batteries

Old Ray-O-Vac Batteries (Photo credit: deanj)

Snapple Fact # 707

Most rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 1,000 times.

A Quick Survey of the Book of 2 Peter:

English: End of the Second Epistle of Peter an...

English: End of the Second Epistle of Peter and beginning of the First Epistle of John in the same column of the codex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 PETER: In The Face Of Falsehood

It almost seems that Second Peter was written for us today, in the present hour in which we live. Every word of it is so pertinent, so contemporary, so filled with practical advice for the day in which we find ourselves, that it is at once confirmation of the freshness and the vitality of the Word of God, which never gets out of date. It also suggests that perhaps the cycle has come full turn — that we are now living in days very similar indeed to those in the first century, and that the conditions we are facing in our world are almost the same in kind, if not in expanse, as the conditions that were faced then.

There is a considerable difference between Peter’s two letters. The first one was full of rejoicing hope in the face of suffering. But the theme of this second letter is that of faithful truth in the face of falsehood; how to detect error, how to live in the midst of deceit, how to distinguish between right and wrong, when wrong is subtly alluring and deceptive.

Snapple Fact # 706

Pipes and fittings made of stainless steel.

Pipes and fittings made of stainless steel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snapple Fact # 706

Steel is 100% recyclable.