Snapple Fact #179

Statue of Liberty

Image via Wikipedia

The first lighthouse to use electricity was the Statue of Liberty in 1886.


Snapple Fact #178

Ballpoint pen tip

Image by micha.hb via Flickr

The first ballpoint pens were sold in 1945 for $12.00.

Talent show at the Motor Home Park

Tonight at Lee’s Travel Park here in sunny Largo Florida, they had a talent show of all the Campers.

I thought I would share some of the pictures. It was a fun time for all involved. The guys dressed up as ladies and they selected the “Miss Lee’s” for 2011.

The evening started out with a group of ladies performing several Hawaiian hula’s dances, then on to the Miss Lee selection, and then of course the talent show. You never know what activities you will find at a Motor Home Park! lol! 🙂 I took the pictures with my cell phone…would have been better with a real camera, but oh well! The guy’s that dressed up as ladies for the “Miss Lee’s” award really seemed to be in their element. I’m thinking some of them may do this quite often? 😛 They were way to much into it! 😛 Click on each thumbnail to see a larger picture.

Snapple Fact #177

English: Sailing Boats, oil painting by Lionel...

English: Sailing Boats, oil painting by Lionel Walden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first sailing boats were built in Egypt.

Snapple Fact #176

January 8, 1907

January 8, 1907 (Photo credit: National Library of Ireland on The Commons)

The first bike was called a hobbyhorse.

Snapple Fact #175

Tulip, 2005 Floriade, Canberra

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In 1634, tulip bulbs were a form of currency in Holland.

Snapple Fact #174

Retouched versions of this picture from the ge...

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The world’s biggest pyramid is not in Egypt, but in Mexico.