This is a list of the podcasts that I have listened to in full.
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English: Resurrection of Christ
English: Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

120 Minutes in a Radio Studio_ Heave.mp3
2016_ Obama’s America – A Movie Revi.mp3
3 Effective Apologetics Models for y.mp3
7 Truths That Changed the World.mp3
Abiogenesis_ Did Life Begin from Non.mp3
Abortion_ The Ultimate Questions.mp3
Abortion_ The Ultimate Questions 1.mp3
Against Old Testament Legalism.mp3
An Apologetic for Scripture.mp3
An Easy Glossary of Apologetic and P.mp3
An Examination of Joel Osteen and Hi.mp3
An Exchange with a Theist and an Ath.mp3
An insider’s look at World Vision.mp3
An Introduction to Ethics using Supe.mp3
An Outline of Christianity.mp3
Apologetics and the News_ Daily Oppo.mp3
Apologetics Canada Conference 2013 D.mp3
Apologetics in the Mission Field.mp3
Arranging the Wilderness Experience_.mp3
Astrophysics of _In the Beginning_–h.mp3
Augustine and Edwards_ Resolutions f.mp3
Can Humans Create Meaning and Value_.mp3
Causality_ Hume vs. Aristotle and Aq.mp3
Christ and Culture_ The Place of Chr.mp3
Christ and the Trinity_ The Deep Mys.mp3
Christian Counseling.mp3
Christian Near Death Experiences.mp3
Christianity and American History.mp3
Christianity and Sports_ Violence, E.mp3
Christians and Comedy_ The Use and A.mp3
Christmas and the Incarnation of God.mp3
Christology, Human Rights & Abortion.mp3
Christopher Neiswonger_ Final Show a.mp3
Church Discipline.mp3
Confessions of a Serial Church Plant.mp3
David Hume_ Skeptical Mastermind & D.mp3
Death_ Its Origin, Purpose, and Dest.mp3
Defeaters and Defeates to the Defeat.mp3
Depression, Loneliness and Community.mp3
Design, Chance, or Necessity – What.mp3
Digital Media, Relationships and Chr.mp3
Discussing Christian Doctrines and D.mp3
Divine Rewards and Punishments.mp3
Eight Criticisms of Evolution by Ske.mp3
Embodied Reason Conference Interview.mp3
Emotions and Christianity.mp3
End Times Options.mp3
Environmentalism and the End of the.mp3
Envy and the Jealousy of God.mp3
Fantasy and Fairy Tales.mp3
Fine Tuning Versus Chance.mp3
Foundations of Apologetics_ Argument.mp3
Foundations of Apologetics_ The Resu.mp3
From Their Own Mouths_ What Do Latte.mp3
Getting Conversion Confused.mp3
Gluttony and a Theology of Consumpti.mp3
God and County Music.mp3
God Became Man_ The History and Beau.mp3
God, the Devil and the Cosmic War.mp3
God’s Crime Scene_ An Interview with.mp3
God’s Love And Hate_ Reading Romans.mp3
Good Without God_ Responding to Sam.mp3
Hanukkah, Christianity, and Jewish T.mp3
Homosexuality according to the Bible.mp3
Homosexuality and the Bible_ Things.mp3
Hope at World Vision International.mp3
Hope at World Vision International 1.mp3
How Did We Get the Bible, and Which.mp3
How Should Christians Make Moral Cho.mp3
How Should We Then Live.mp3
How To Begin As An Apologist with Br.mp3
How to Debate the Existence of God_.mp3
How To Speak To An Atheist.mp3
Human Flourishing and Apologetics wi.mp3
Human Trafficking and the Uneasy Chr.mp3
I Believe_ The Ancient Creed of the.mp3
Identifying and Responding to Variou.mp3
Identifying Western Worldviews.mp3
If God Knows What I’m Going To Do, C.mp3
If God Knows What I’m Going To Do, C 1.mp3
Important Problems of Relativism.mp3
In the World, Not of It_ Pre-Confere.mp3
Interpreting Meaning – Deconstructin.mp3
Interview with James K.A. Smith.mp3
Inviting the Mormons In_ How To Prep.mp3
Is God Talk Verifiable & Meaningful_.mp3
Is the Intelligent Design Inference.mp3
Jacob I Loved, Esau I Have Hated_ Wi.mp3
Jesus on the Big Screen_ A Discussio.mp3
Jesus vs. Halloween.mp3
Jesus vs. Santa.mp3
Learning to See the Knowledge Made V.mp3
Let’s Get Physical_ Arguments Agains.mp3
Love God and Do What You Want_ Knowi.mp3
Materialism and Naturalism.mp3
Monsters and Expendables_ Ender’s Ga.mp3
Music As Worship.mp3
Old or Young Universe_ What Does Sci.mp3
Open Mindedness.mp3
Persuasion, Reason and the Gospel.mp3
Prayer on Trial.mp3
Prayer on Trial 1.mp3
Pride and Humility.mp3
Progressive Creationism with Biochem.mp3
Race, Ethnicity, Culture, and the Ki.mp3
Reforming the Reformation.mp3
Religion and Politics.mp3
Responding to Common Objections to C.mp3
Responsible Biblical Interpretation.mp3
Science Fiction and CS Lewis’ Space.mp3
Secular Humanism_ Bioengineering the.mp3
Sex, Lies & Leviticus.mp3
Staff Apologist Sam Welbaum on the F.mp3
Stuff Christians Have_ Money, Posses.mp3
Taming Zombies and Other Evidences f.mp3
The Annual Reformation Show_ Why the.mp3
The Avengers_ The Earth’s Mightiest.mp3
The Blood of Their Sons and Their Da.mp3
The Created as Creator_ Professional.mp3
The current status and history of Am.mp3
The Ecumenical Councils and the Pers.mp3
The First 39_ An Overview of Old Tes.mp3
The Foolishness of the Gospel.mp3
The Forgotten Horseman_ Responding t.mp3
The Goodness of God and the Furnace.mp3
The Great Debates of the Christian F.mp3
The Legacy of Walter Martin_ An Inte.mp3
The Life and Demand of the Kingdom o.mp3
The Meaning of Sex.mp3
The Noah Movie and the Accuracy of t.mp3
The Philosophy of Time.mp3
The Power of Story.mp3
The Problem of Pluralism.mp3
The Resurrection of Christ.mp3
The Significance of the Sermon on th.mp3
The Virtues and Vices of Youth Minis.mp3
The Will To Believe.mp3
Theistic Evolution_ Could God Have U.mp3
Theological Language_ Talking about.mp3
Top Five Questions Students Ask.mp3
Trinity_ The Development of the Doct.mp3