Here are 10 interesting things you might not know about Punxsutawney, Pa., Phil the groundhog, or the 1993 classic Bill Murray comedy “Groundhog Day.”

– (1) The average groundhog is 20 inches long and weighs about 15 pounds. Phil is 22 inches long and weighs 20 pounds.

– (2) Since the release of “Groundhog Day” in 1993, the town of Punxsutawney, with a population near 6,700, has become a major tourist attraction. A crowd of more than 30,000 watched Phil see now shadow on Feb. 2, 2013.

– (3) Phil’s weather picks have been incorrect 61 percent of the time, according to, the online weather almanac.

– (4) In”Groundhog Day,” where Murray plays a TV weatherman who wakes up in Punxsutawney to live Groundhog Day over and over again, the actor was bitten twice by a groundhog during filming the movie, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Murray had to have anti-rabies injections because the bites were so severe.

– (5) According to reports from his handlers, Phil loves eating dog food and ice cream from his climate-controlled home in the Punxsutawney town library.

– (6) Even though Groundhog Day always is observed on Feb. 2, the movie was released in theaters on Feb. 12.

Also, “Groundhog Day” was not filmed in Punxsutawney, but in Woodstock, Illinois.

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