Rembrandt - Apostle Paul - WGA19120
Rembrandt – Apostle Paul – WGA19120 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been about a year and a 3 months since I took any Classes at the Blue Letter Bible Institute. I’m not sure why I stopped taking these classes as I really enjoyed them.
Previously I was very good at being motivated to take the classes, couldn’t get enough…

A lot happened in my life back then, I abruptly stopped taking one class that I was enrolled in and had it about 90% completed.

Today I have no motivation to pick up on that class to finish it, but I am motivated to start a different class. Go figure huh?
So today I enrolled in the Apologetics class  titled “The Five Points of Pagan Oneism” That will finish the Apologetics and Cults Series of classes on

So…with that said, I would appreciate any prayers you may be willing to offer in my behalf.

Here is the Course description:

In Romans 1:25, the Apostle Paul says man worships either the creation or the Creator, which essentially means there are only two religions. Subsequently, this introductory worldview course presents the term “Oneism,” which is used for the worship of the creation and “Twoism,” which refers to the worship of the Divine Creator.

Understanding this one small statement can help to equip Christians to uphold their biblical Christian faith in his or her cultural context. The course presents five principles that are present in all non-Christian thinking. The goal is to help simplify your communication of the Gospel with “spiritual but not religious” individuals.