I recently have been experimenting with ways to “Get the Blog” out to the world using other formats. One Format that has caught my attention is FlipBoard.

It basically is an app developed for Smart Phones to be able to pull all of the web pages that you like to read daily and it reformats the web page into a Smart Phone friendly, easily readable format for the phone.

Pretty darn cool actually 🙂 Another by-product of FlipBoard is that you can actually see this using a standard web browser also. FlipBoard also allows you to create specialized Magazines that you can “Flip” web pages into your Magazine with a tool bar widget that is really simple to install and use. You can even invite others to Contribute to your Magazine! 🙂 (Anyone that would like to send me your email). It’s pretty cool actually!

If you would be so kind I would like some feedback on it. 🙂

I have placed links to what I have been working on under my Blog Stats to the right of the main page. —-> 🙂

Another project I am playing with is to turn the blog into a Kindle Magazine that get’s pushed to your Kindle several times a day.

Does anyone else do anything like what I am doing? Just thought I would ask and see! 🙂 Your thoughts please 🙂



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