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The Covenants of God

The Christian religious organizations of the world mainly preach that there is the Old and New Covenant, but the Bible talks about several other covenants that God made with man. These agreements help us to understand the dealings God was having with man and the results that would occur. (present or future) A covenant is a binding agreement that is made by two or more persons or parties. God’s covenants were simple and direct.

The New Covenant: The New Covenant is the fifth and last of the theocratic covenants.

Four provisions are made in this covenant: (Jeremiah 31:31-34)
Regeneration: God will put His laws in their inward parts and write them in the heart

A national restoration: The Eternal will be their God and the nation will be His people

Guidance by the Holy Spirit: they will all be taught individually by God

Full justification: the opportunity to have our sins forgiven and completely removed

The New Covenant is made sure by the blood that Jesus shed. That blood which guarantees to Israel its New Covenant and also provides the way sins can be forgiven for the believers who comprise the church of God (spiritual Israel). Jesus’ payment for sin is more than adequate to pay for the sins of all who will believe in Him. The New Covenant is called “new” in contrast to the covenant with Moses which is called “old” (Hebrews 8:6-13) because it actually accomplishes what the Mosaic Covenant could only point to, that is, the child of God living in a manner that is consistent with the character of God.

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