The Rainbow set as the symbol of the Covenant ...

The Covenants of God

The Christian religious organizations of the world mainly preach that there is the Old and New Covenant, but the Bible talks about several other covenants that God made with man. These agreements help us to understand the dealings God was having with man and the results that would occur. (present or future) A covenant is a binding agreement that is made by two or more persons or parties. God’s covenants were simple and direct.

The Noahic Covenant: The covenant with Noah is the third general or universal covenant. Noah has just passed through the universal flood in which all the world’s population had been wiped out. Only Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives (eight people) constitute the world’s population. Noah might have thought that the things provided by the covenant with Adam had now been changed. However, God gives the Noahic Covenant so that Noah and all the human race (to follow) might know that the provisions made in the Adamic Covenant remain in effect with one notable addition: the principle of human government which includes the responsibility of suppressing the outbreak of sin and violence, so that it will not be necessary to destroy the earth again by a flood. The provisions of the covenant are:
The responsibility to populate the earth is reaffirmed

The subjection of the animal kingdom to man is reaffirmed

Man is permitted to eat the flesh of animals. He is to refrain from eating their blood

The sacredness of human life is established. Whatever sheds man’s blood, whether man or beast, must be put to death

This covenant is confirmed to Noah, all mankind, and every living creature on the face of the earth

The promise is given never to destroy the earth again by a universal flood

The rainbow is designated as a testimony of the existence of this covenant
It has been assumed that human government was officially instituted after the great flood in Genesis 9. However, some form of law and order undoubtedly existed prior to this period. This is strongly suggested by both Jesus and Jude. Jesus in Luke 17:26-27 says that prior to the Flood in Noah’s day people conducted their affairs in much the same manner as we do today. Jude gives us the text of a message Enoch preached to sinners prior to the Flood. We learn that one of the main factors which brought about the Flood was man’s disobedience to the revealed law ( system of order ) of God. At any rate, there is certainly no doubt concerning the source of human government. God Himself is its divine author.


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