I would like to welcome Vincent Egoro as a guest Blogger! I’m excited to have him on board while his blog is down for maintenance. But of course he is welcome to share here any time he would like! I am looking forward to his posts! I have never had a guest blogger, but we will figure it out! Sounds fun! 🙂

Vincent Egoro is a passionate student of life who is committed to inspiring and empowering millions of people all over the world to live their greatest lives, face their fears and grow stronger. He believes that everyone has a seed of greatness deposited in them at birth by God. But this like all seeds,require nurturing and great care for it to express itself. He strives to achieve this goal by sharing the secrets of optimal living and personal development through this site, his teachings, writings, speaking events and workshops.
Vincent lives in Nigeria.

His blog is at http://vincentegoro.wordpress.com/