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I have recently started using the Service. It is for mobile devices only so I thought I would check it out.


So far I think I like it even though it is initially not very user friendly to setup. But that is probably just me being an old fart 🙂 Anyone else using this app? I’ll do updates after I use it awhile. Here is a link to the site


Here is a description from Wikipedia.


Users update their stream on Path by posting photos, adding tags for people, places, and things.


Path limits each user’s social network to 150 friends to encourage users to select only high-quality connections. Overall, the decision the company says was inspired by psychology research that suggests people have a maximum number of workable social contacts. The limitation, along with user controls over how to share each post, were designed to encourage greater sharing of personal information by keeping it private to a person’s inner circle of social contacts. The site was intended as a companion to Facebook and other social network platforms, as opposed to a destination website.


Contacts are suggested from among persons in a user’s electronic address book, as well as people with whom the user is communicating by email.






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