Soteriology Certificate

Soteriology examines the doctrine of salvation with an emphasis on the holiness of God and His gracious love for fallen man. This twenty-two session course was taught in a Bible college setting, with the intent to view God’s plan of salvation as it is woven throughout the Old and New Testament texts. The instructor asks difficult questions and supplies biblical answers to some of the most controversial topics in Christianity. What is sin? What is faith? Why is regeneration necessary? Does man have free will? Words like atonement, propitiation, reconciliation, and sanctification will become familiar terms, as the course content reflects upon the miraculous redemption wrought by the cross of Jesus Christ. Students of all ages will benefit from this comprehensive class, which is available in both text and audio formats.

All of the ideas and principles conveyed by the instructor in this course are not necessarily held by the Blue Letter Bible ministry.

To take this course, please visit the Blue Letter Bible Institute at the link below.