If God is willing that is 🙂

  • Attend Church more regularly, more personal Bible study, Pray more often, and carry my Bible with me.
  • Make a check list of everyone I love and make sure I use it to the letter when I plan an event. I made a mess of that last year…Hurt some feelings of people I love and there is no way to un-ring that bell I’m afraid. 😦 I ask forgiveness…
  • ANY and ALL Debts owed to me by ANYBODY are forgiven. Not only forgiven, but Forgotten. Don’t you wish you borrowed $50 Bucks from me yesterday? 🙂 To late now 🙂
  • Help As many people as I can help, and don’t fret about it if I can’t help someone.
  • Stop wondering why God took my wife Joy. I accept that it was God’s will, and I will now continue with what the Lord has in store for me. I have to put this question away.
  • NO Smoking. (This is the only tough one…) 🙂
  • Spend more time outside, be more active, and less time on computer(s).
  • Start playing the Banjo again 🙂 I haven’t played it the better part of 2013. Put it down one day and just haven’t picked it back up…
  • Trap Shoot more often.
  • You know…I should do some Blog posts with pictures and stuff to show the world me and the family Shooting Trap.  I holler “PULL!” and everyone does the duck and scramble! lol

That’s it…That’s Enough…