Survey of the Bible 3 (New Testament) Certification

Ray Stedman‘s Survey of the Bible is an introductory course to the Bible. It is not intended to be a comprehensive expostition of Scripture. This couse will offer students a general overview of themes, perspectives, and significance of every book in the Holy Canon. This third section will cover the entire New Testament. While Stedman offers background and summary of each book, he concentrates on developing the books’ particular message to the believer today—the believer upon whom the ends of the age have come. In this third part, Stedman focuses upon Christ as the answer for each longing and need of humanity exposed in the previous two parts of the course. Upon completion of this three-part course, the student should have more than just a passing familiarity with the context and purpose of each portion of Scripture. We hope your understanding and appreciation for the biblical text will be bolstered and augmented by these studies.

To take this course, please visit the Blue Letter Bible Institute at the link below.