Searching for the Truth on Origins Certificate

This Searching for the Truth on Origins course addresses the controversy surrounding the origin and history of life from the opposing views of both Creationists and Evolutionists. Evolutionists claim that their beliefs are scientific and accurate, declaring their theory as indisputable fact. Creationists maintain that their perspective is logical and is supported by observable evidence. The course discusses topics such as: how and when life began, the possibilities of life resulting from random processes, inaccuracies in evolutionary evidence of the fossil record, and the probabilities that our planet experienced a catastrophic flood as recorded in the book of Genesis. The course reveals the impact of the evolutionary view on human morality and spirituality, speaking from a biblical worldview and presenting examples from current events. Insights are given about the role that evolution plays in preparing the world for the future as foretold in the Scriptures. Finally, the studies conclude by explaining how the evidence for creation can be used as a tool for evangelism. Students of all ages will benefit from this comprehensive study, while enjoying a multitude of charts, graphs, and photographs.

To take this course, please visit the Blue Letter Bible Institute at the link below.