Growing in the Grace of God Certificate

Growing in the Grace of God will study the effects of God’s grace upon the Christian.  This course will discuss our new life in Christ, not under law but under grace, as well as the development of that new life.  We will discover the importance in trusting God in every aspect of our lives. We will see how God brings forth fruit, good works, and obedience through His grace.  The nature of the profound relationship between the Holy Spirit and the grace of God will be examined.  The student will be encouraged to enjoy the intimate relationship with God that His grace has provided. God’s desire in this relationship will be to know Him in much deeper way.  The student will discover that by this “much more” grace of God, He reveals Himself to us through His Word by which everything else is measured.  God then brings His grace to bear upon our lives, in our lives, and throughout our lives, making the realities of His Word more and more our experience. That is Growing in the Grace of God. 

To take this course, please visit the Blue Letter Bible Institute at the link below.