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The Bible was given so we might experience all God intended for man in the beginning, wholly filled and flooded with God himself.


To this end the Old Testament contributes the theme of preparation, the groundwork.
The New Testament contributes the note of realization. It actually confronts us with the person of Jesus Christ, who is himself God’s program and plan for making life complete for us.

As you may recall, there are several divisions within the New Testament:

·  The Gospels and the Book of Acts present Jesus Christ to us.

·  Each Gospel gives a different aspect of his life.

·  Acts ties these gospel presentations of Christ to his present manifestation in the world today, in his body, the Church. This is Christ at work: Christ in human life.

·  Next, the Epistles give us the explanation of Jesus Christ – his person, his work and their significance – all spelled out for us so that we might understand and grasp them.

The Epistles are further divided into three major groups:

1. The first four – Romans, First and Second Corinthians, and Galatians – express the truth Christ in us – what it means to have Jesus Christ living in us.

2. The second division, encompassing the rest of the Epistles through Philemon, gathers around the theme, you in Christ – the significance of the fact that we are made part of his body. These Epistles explain the work of the Church and the proper life of the Church.

3. The third group, beginning with the letter to the Hebrews and including those to James, Peter, John and Jude, are the letters which describe the operative word faith – what faith is, how it works, why it suffers, and what it faces in life. Faith is the means by which all that Christ is in us and all that we have in him are made manifest in our experience.

·  The last division of the New Testament is the book of Revelation, standing by itself as the great consummation of what Christ has come into the world to do. It describes for us the great scene when all will be ended and the work of redemption is accomplished.


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