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Windows 8/RT, by default limits your bandwidth usage to decrease internet data usage but, if the limit is removed you can get the actual speed of your internet connection on your Windows 8/RT PC. There is a group policy which puts limits on your internet connection but, you can remove that limit by tweaking the policy.

via How to significantly increase your internet speed on Windows 8/RT PC [Video].

I very seldom talk about tweaking computers as most require Registry changes that can be fatal to a computer if you mess it up 🙂 but this seems to be a fairly straight forward Group Policy setting that works well. Follow the instructions from the link above exactly.

Meaning “do what it say’s to do…not what you think it say’s” And of course don’t mess around with the other settings in the Group Policy editor! And of course you are doing this at your own risk! It worked well for my Surface.