Well, November has rolled around and we have been full time RV living for almost a year. We are still loving the life style.

Over the last year we have met so many great people! A bunch that live here full time and a bunch that just come down for the winter months.

Well, November rolled around and all the snowbirds are rolling in! It is just so much fun seeing all the folks we met last year returning for the winter!

It’s a blast, we see them walking around and we say hey good to see ya back! And at first they look at us like “I know we know them but just can’t quite remember their names!” And then everyone remembers (or at least pretends real well!)

The RV park is filling up fast now, every day more arrivals! New neighbors all the time! AND they are the best neighbors we have ever had.

If your out RV’ing in Florida, come on over to Lee’s Travel Park! It is a great place to RV!

Lee's Travel Park