I am not from Detroit, but when I see articles like this it just fries my A$$! Please read the full article at the link at the bottom of this post.

How in the world can our (or any) government expect taxpayers to continually take it up the butt from idiots like this running things.

You know…enough is enough already. The idiocy goes from top to bottom at every level of government.
Detroit —Detroit Public Library officials say finances have grown so bad they could close most neighborhood branches, but in a few weeks plan to unveil a revamped wing of a main library that even administrators say spares few expenses.

The South Wing is stocked with 20 yellow and orange European lounge chairs that cost $1,092 apiece, artistic pendant light fixtures and two alcohol-burning fireplaces. The project morphed from a $300,000 furniture update to a $2.3 million overhaul with new floors, study rooms, lighting and built-in, wood-framed book shelves.

via Critics: $2.3M Detroit library project a symbol of waste amid budget crisis | detnews.com | The Detroit News.