Today we had the complete awning replaced. Complete 20 foot awnings and new hardware kit are not cheap folks!

I wasn’t smart enough to use tie downs to secure the old awning so A big gust of wind made a wreck out of it.

So with the installation of the new awning, I decided to spend $40.00 to get a good tie down system.

I’m generally tighter than a frogs ass (and that’s water tight) but experience taught me that spending $40 now sure saves a lot in the long run! Buy Tie downs people! I had John from John’s RV Trailer Repair do the installation, and the Awning came from Harbersons RV. I could have easily done it myself but I just wanted to have it done by someone who does stuff like that everyday.

We sure are enjoying the Full time Motor Home living lifestyle. It will be 4 months the 20th of March and we have never looked back. I have found living in a Motor home is the most relaxing life style ever. Sometimes I think just a few more inches here and their would be nice, Joy said she knows exactly what I mean 🙂 hmmm… I wonder what she meant by that.

The only real mishap we have had is the Awning, and I knew I should have used Tie downs, but it was winter time in Florida and we usually do not have really high wind storms so I thought I had plenty of time to get them on.  Live and learn I guess.

I’m gonna go ask Joy about that few more inches thing. Well, maybe not 😛