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Today I signed up for Nascar’s Raceview to watch the Nascar race in the motor home. I watched a couple of the pre-season races with the free trial and it seemed to be pretty cool. I really like being able to switch views, listen in on the drivers radio’s and hearing what the officials have to say.

I’m trying really hard to not buy cable TV and do everything I can on the Internet, keeping with the mobile Motorhome lifestyle we have chosen. Watching Nascar is going to be a challenge 🙂

So far, between & we don’t miss having cable TV a bit. And judging from the 2 pre-season Race events using Raceview, I might actually enjoy the races even more! I will update my thoughts after today’s race. If worse comes to worse, I can always go to the clubhouse and watch it on TV, but I think it will do just fine.

So far here is our mobile setup… 4G Wireless Hotspot (I give it 5 stars) With 2 PC’s streaming different shows we can not slow it down. ($45.00/Month) The RV park has free wireless and it was plenty fast, but it stopped working quite often and we had to wait for one of the managers to reset it, that just didn’t fly. WE NEED INTERNET NOW! lol 🙂

For normal TV we use Hulu ( it has all the shows we used to watch on cable TV but it has the convenance of being able to watch them when we want too. (FREE)

For Movies, we use Netflix streaming ( (I give it 5 Stars) All the movies we can possibly stand. ($7.95/Month)

Joy and I both use the Rockmelt Social media web Browser. It really rocks! (I give it 5 stars) It keeps all the Facebook friends displaying on the left side and all the News feeds I love on the right side. If anything goes on it alerts me no matter where on the internet I am.

For Blogging I use (FREE) (I give it 5 stars) your reading it now. I ramble on about anything and everything. It auto posts everything I blog about to my Facebook page. (I do turn off this feature on occasion if I am blogging about something I don’t thing Facebook friends may not want to see)

The section on the blog for RV’ing is here