Rodney and Doug Dillard (the Dillards) at the ...
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The folks of Salem, Missouri, listening to Rodney Dillard pick songs as a child, had little idea the prominent role he would play in music history in later years. Rodney began his career as a part of a family group that performed at fairs, pie suppers and square dances – a career that has spanned, so far, 50 years of creating and influencing great music.

As a teenager he joined forces with brother Doug and childhood pals Mitch Jayne and Dean Webb to form “The Dillards”. Feeling limited as a college student, Rodney convinced the rest of the guys that they needed to head west and give their music a “serious” effort. So, in 1962, with little in their pockets besides their dreams, the four headed for California. Soon after they reached the West Coast they were heard by an Elektra Records talent scout and producer, Jim Dickson, who offered them their first recording contract. They also landed regular roles as the pickin’, singin’ “Darling Family” on the Andy Griffith TV show.

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