A Class A motorhome with slide-out extended floors
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Today we are practising running the RV totally on its own onboard systems.

We are practising because we are planning to do a dry camping weekend soon and we want to be prepared for it. I think we will do a weekend at a local Walmart for our first time out. Hey if it works out we may just stay at Walmart! 🙂 (Just kidding) But it will be nice to start using the Motor home to its fullest!

After full-time Motor home living for over 2 months now, we know we have everything  worked out for that. Now on to those weekend jaunts!

We know we can be very comfortable when the weather drops below freezing. It is really just like living in a house. Turn on the furnace and your warm!

So far everything seems to work the same as being hooked up to shore power

The Generator is running smooth and performing well!

We have both PC’s running and connected to our Clear 4G hotspot and everything is working great! Streaming video from Netflix or Hulu is just as fast.