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Today I got up and went to Haberson’s RV,one of the local RV store’s in the area. They really are some really nice folks in the Parts and Service Department. They are very helpful. I wish I would have gotten the names of these folks. Next visit I will make sure I do that.

I had to buy a replacement faucet for my shower stall, remember my neighbor Bill told me I should have a water pressure reducer? This is why motor home’s and trailers have little stickers on them that say “Do not connect to City water without a pressure regulator.” It’s funny how you read those things later! So anyway’s…My faucet started leaking internally so it needs replaced. All my faucets are Gold, guess what. They don’t make them in Gold any longer…so I got a Chrome one.

I will be installing this Sunday. I will try to post about it if I am not in the hospital from installing it. LOL!

So today I did a few other things around the home with a motor.

I bought some Awning enhancers that keeps your awning from tearing and flapping in the wind. Remember I told you ours was already ripped in a few places? Well now that I have these, the new awning (when I get around to replacing it) will not tear in the wind! YEA! For once I may be ahead of the game!

Simple little buggers huh? Easy to install too!

I’ll be back later to tell you about some other things, but tonight we are going to go to the Clubhouse for a Christmas Decoration Party! Sounds like big fun…