Tonight it is getting pretty dang cold here in the Sunshine State! It is supposed to go down to 39 degrees!

So after we had some of Joy’s homemade spaghetti and took the Super dog out for a walk we came back to the Motor home and we decided to try out the furnace in the Motor home. At first I set it at 70 and it kicked on for about a minute and shut off. I thought…hmmm that is weird. So I went over to the Thermostat and looked, sure enough it was 70 inside. So I set it at 75, it came on for about a minute, I looked at the thermostat again and it was 75 degrees in here already! Hee hee. I think I’m gonna like this!

I checked the Electric meter today and we used 163 KwH in 10 days. So that figures out to an Electric bill of about $55 to $60 a month! Lol! In our house we were running an Electric bill of $200 – $350 a month.

Yea, I think I’m gonna like this Motor home living….