Yesterday when we got home, our neighbor Bill had left a Water pressure reducer on our step with a note that we really should be using one of these. So tonight when I got home I put it in line, seems to really reduce the pressure. Probably a good idea! Bill came out later and I asked him what I owed him for the part, and he said, “No way! you don’t owe me a thing”! Couldn’t get him to tell me, so I said, well, you will have to let Joy and I take you and your wife out for dinner than! Bill said that would be great! And he said they really like Pizza. Well it just so happens that we found a Great Pizza joint just down the street from here, so we are gonna get Pizza and have a Pizza Party one of these nights.

Bill was telling us that him and his wife have been out looking at bigger Motor Homes the last few days. They have a very nice 5th wheel, that seems plenty big and nice to me! But I guess they have had it long enough and just thinking about getting a Diesel “Pusher”. I finally asked why they call them “Pushers”! Come to find out it is because the Diesel engine is in the back of the Motor home instead of the front! Huh! I didn’t know they did that! Learning something new every day!